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I come from Verona, a very nice town in the north east part of Italy, the city of Romeo and Juliet.
I have been working as Project manager in the field of human rights and sustainable development for about 15 years. With a background in political science, what changed my perspective was definitely my 7 years spent in Sweden.

Social Inclusion and Sustainable Development are what drove my personal life and professional career since the very beginning. Thank to my role as Social innovation and Project Manager for the Swedish and Italian government, my role as validated expert for the European Union within URBACT programe on Sustainable Developmet and finally my activity as international photo-journalist and writer I got the chance not only to travel consistently around the world but also to get in touch and to analyze different cultural environments.

Travel is the other leit motiv leading my life. That's why I started since the very beginning to observe. No matter if I was travelling for work or on holidays, observing, and taking a memory through photographs was more than a passion, that was a way of living, experiencing, and enjoy the journey. Furthermore, pictures represented powerful tools to share what my eyes were seeing to wider audience. That brought me to the publication of 6 books, and several reportages on India and Sweden (where I worked for several years), Albania, Malaysia, Japan, Burma, Syria, Marocco, Transnistria, Russia (Transiberian rail), South Korea, Brasil, Argentina, South Africa, Belarus, Cuba, Svalbard...just to mention some. My last work is the publication of a book on Sumatra, the rain forest, the orangutans and the sustainable coffee (Orangutan Coffee Project).

My books take inspiration from historical facts that changed the assets, interactions and social structure of the countries I visited drastically. The desire to share my experience of what I had seen in Burma (2007) right after the monks started protesting against the military dictatorship, in South Africa after the first African Fifa World Cup (2010), in Sweden after 7 years spent there both to study and to work, in Brazil after Lula's government and the improvement of life conditions of 40 million poor people, pushed me to the publication of my books.

I collaborate with Luz Agency in Milan and I have a Blog on the magazine L'Espresso on Sustainable Development.

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